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Glass Tube

by After Dinner

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Sepia-ture I 01:37
- Sepia-ture I - In the afternoon The sun, sepia-coloured, starts grinding Clockwork shadow Creak. Creaking. Creaking. Now is the time for celebration They will bring a watering-pot But the arm and leg pins Jerk. Jerky. Jerky. Yearning for the day You knock at the door The recollection of the way home grows dimmer & dimmer __________ セピア・チュール I - Sepia-ture I - セピア色の太陽が 歯ぎしり始める午後 ぜんまい仕掛けの影たちが キィーコ キィーコ キィーコ 今とばかりにはしゃぐ 如雨露を持って行くよ けれど手足のピンが ぎくしゃくした夢 あなたが戸を叩く その日を待ちわびて いつか帰る路も 空覚えよ
- An Accelerating Etude - Feeling myself like a puddle Feeling yourself like a dried-up umbrella Whew.. Closing my eyes, you appear there I would always be a slumberer __________ 加速度のエチュード - An Accelerating Etude - ワタシハ マルデ 水溜リノ ヨウ アナタハ 渇イタ 傘ノ ヨウ フゥーッ 目ヲ 瞑ルト アナタガ 居ルカラ 眠ッテバカリ イマシタ
Soknya-doll 03:04
- Soknya-doll - Hey, doll I make you sit down there I am free of care
 Hey, doll With you sitting in the empty room I feel reassured
 Falling deeper A pale shining sole Whose sole, mine, or doll's I don't know Hey, doll It's because this is my first arithmetic Hey, doll I make you sit down there I am free of care Hey, doll With you sitting in the white room I am out of danger Hey, doll With you sitting in the empty room I feel reassured Say, doll It's because this is my first arithmetic "Hey, you're a sham. I'm a passing mirror." __________ ソニャドール - Soknya-doll - ねえ ドール そこにドールを座らせたから安心 ねえ ドール ブランク・ルームに座っているから安心 落ちていく 青白く光る足の裏 それが わたしのものか ドールのものかは知らない ねえ ドール これが わたしの最初の算数だから ねえ ドール そこにドールを座らせたから安心 ねえ ドール ホワイト・ルームに座っているから安心 ねえ ドール ブランク・ルームに座っているから安心 ねえ ドール これが わたしの最初の算数だから ほら 君 まがいものだよ 僕は 通りすがりの鏡
- Shovel & Little Lady - "Where are you going, little lady? In a white dress with a shovel, little lady?" (Took off my boots, While you miss me You, with a thousand thanks, While you miss me) "Just around here." (Before you breathe) "Don't care about her She's already been a woman ." __________ おじょうさんとシャベル - Shovel & Little Lady - おじょうさんとシャベル  『おじょうさん。シャベル持って 白いドレスで、どこ行きなさる』 (あなたの知らぬ間に、長靴脱ぎ捨て あなたは、それを知らず有り難がる) 『ちょっと、そこまで』 (あなたがひと息吐く前にねぇ) 『まぁ、心配しなさるな。おじょうさん 一人前』
Désert 02:06
Glass Tube 05:51
- Glass Tube - Flying through A dark gray tube Quivering eyes & little flowers Well, a chimney sweeper flies away "See you later." Waving adieu Well, fragments, falling like rain Shade my eyes with my hand Well, going home, a house in white Flowers in a kaleidoscope, blooming Flying through A dark gray tube Quivering eyes & little flowers Blowing away through my lungs Voices come from a cocoon Look, fragments, falling like rain Dancing barefoot Fishes being inhaled Into a little glass bottle __________ グラス・チューブ - Glass Tube - 通りすぎるの ねずみ色のパイプさ 瞳はブルブル 小さく咲く花 ほら煙突そうじは行く じゃあねまた会いましょう と手を振る ねえ降ってくる破片の雨 手をかざす時 ねえ帰っていく白い家 万華鏡ひらく 通りすぎるの ねずみ色のパイプさ 瞳はブルブル 小さく咲く花 ただ肺を吹抜けていく 繭の中で声が聞こえる ねえ降ってくる破片の雨 裸足で踊る 吸い込まれていく魚たち 硝子の小瓶
Dessért 02:47
- Sepia-ture II - The birds flee to the dream Lie on concrete A smiling face hardens Flap. Flap. Flap. See, an alley cat Shining silver, blowing a whistle To eyes just as holes Hold breath & listen A fair complexion reflected on a pool A gerbera melts in a dream Sway. Swaying. Swaying. __________ セピア・チュール II - Sepia-ture II - 夢路急ぐ鳥は コンクリートに寝そべる 笑い顔固まる ハタ ハタ ハタ ホラ 猫が銀色に 光っては 笛を吹く 穴ばかりの瞳に 息ひそめ聞き入る 水たまりに映る 白い肌を想い ガーベラは夢見る シェナ シェナ シェナ
- The Room of Hair-mobile - This room - Looks like a pincushion Anyway, I need seventy more vitamin tablets I am buried in the wall With a locust with a lion face Like an ammonite They droop and scatter ...It's too a sodden time Here it's crowded with yellow crabs which may be transformed to ether I am sewed in here Just as an applique dreams chi-gi-ri-e Living things like straws My velvet tongue gets twisted Even if they hide it, I do not care ...Because I am in an anteater nest Flakes of silver paper lie between my teeth "Harisenbon-nomasu (Make you swallow down a thousand needles)." That's what I forgot to say A counting song is rising in the air Living things like straws In my head A woodpecker is pecking __________ 髪モビールの部屋 - The Room of Hair-mobile - 針山のようこの部屋 それよりもう70 粒のビタミン剤 ライオンの顔した蝉と アンモナイトのように壁に埋もれ 萎れては散らばり ・・・ふやけすぎた時間 エーテル化しそうな 黄色い蟹でいっぱい アップリケの夢夢みたいに 縫いつけられちぎり絵 藁のような生きもの ビロードの舌もつれた 隠してもかまわず ・・・蟻食いの巣にいる 歯のあいだには銀紙が積もり 言いそびれた『はりせんぼんのます』 数え唄昇っていく 藁のような生きもの 頭になかキツツキつつくの


: : :::::::: AFTER DINNER - GLASS TUBE 【REMASTERED】 :::::::: : :
+bonus track "The Room of Hair-mobile"
*Incl. lyrics in English and Japanese

*歌詞 (日/英) 付

"reverse Japan's massive importation of Western mega-pop." (Melody Maker, 1987)

"Listening to After Dinner is like submerging yourself in water and going to sleep while playing Kate Bush on one CD player and traditional Japanese music on another." (Julian Cope presents Head Heritage)

“子どものような、大人のような。不安定であどけないハコの歌声が描き出す、不思議の国の物語。実験的な録音方式やメロディ、リズムなど強烈な個性を持ちながら、彼女の声が生み出す、幻のような世界が広がっている。そのギャップの激しさが人を惹きつけ、日本のインディーズ史上の古典的名作との声も。” (ジャニス)


released April 21, 2005

All words and music by Haco except (5) and (7), by After Dinner; all arrangements by After Dinner except (2) and (3), by Haco
© 1984 [JASRAC]

Haco (all tracks except 5 and 7): vocals, miniature 13-string koto, plastic flute, keyboards, percussion, synthesizers, tapes, tambourine
Miyuki Komori (all tracks except 2-4): guitar, drums, bass drum, fretless guitar, bass, percussion, voice
Yasushi Utsunomiya (1, 4, 6, 8, 9): cicada, nightingale, tapes, voice, synthesizer, taisho-goto, effects, drums, glass tube, piano, bass, percussion
Tadahiko Yokogawa (1, 6, 8, 9): bass, violin
Masaaki Kawaguchi: snare drum (1, 8), surumondal (5, 7)
Yukio Fujimoto, Toru Shimura, Yoko Inui, Ayumi Torii (4): sound objects
Shinichiro Taniguchi (4): narration
Teppu Maeda (5, 7): Indian pipe, voice
Kogaibo-senkyu Okuda: tabla (5, 7)
Kaname Nakagawa (8): alto saxophone
Masaharu Ito: soprano saxophone (8)
Seiichi Kuroda (8, 9): tenor saxophone
Fred Frith (9): backing vocal

Engineered and mixed by Yasushi Utsunomiya except (2) and (3), by Haco, at M.U.E. Studio, Osaka, 1983
Produced by Yasushi Utsunomiya and Haco/After Dinner
Track 9 produced by Fred Frith; recorded in July 1984 and February 1985 for the compilation LP Welcome to Dreamland
Design by Takao Sugano

Digitally remastered by Yasushi Utsunomiya, 2005
Design reissue by Plus Co., Ltd, 2005
English text revision by Haco and Christopher Stephens, 2005

Tracks 1-8 originally released in 1984 as a LP (Kang-Gung Records, Japan)
Track 9 originally released in 1985 on the compilation LP Welcome to Dreamland (Celluloid Records, USA)
Released in 2005 as a CD (Arcàngelo/Disk Union, Japan) under license from Haco/Mescalina

*Digital album released December 27, 2020


all rights reserved



Haco Japan

HACO - Official Bandcamp Site

Haco - singer, lyricist-composer, and founder of After Dinner and Hoahio. As a musician, she has given performances throughout Japan and the world.

"the Japanese singer/sound artist/pop visionary" (Tiny Mix Tapes)

“A founding member of the legendary band After Dinner, Haco is one of the most versatile vocalists in the Japanese indies scene.” (John Zorn)
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